It’s that time of year again! Time to say goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year. Emi know going back to school can be tough, but she is here to help make the transition a little bit easier.

Emi is back to school!

Emi loves learning new things and meeting new people. She is also excited to see her friends again. Emi is a giant schnauzer, but she is very gentle and kind. She loves to help people and she is always willing to lend a helping hand.

How Emi is feeling about going back to school

Emi the Giant: Back to School! After a fun summer of swimming and playing outside, Emi can’t wait to see all of her friends again and learn new things. She’s especially looking forward to learning more about math and science this year. Emi knows that it will be hard work, but she’s ready for the challenge.

What Emi is looking forward to this school year

She loved learning so much last year, and she can’t wait to get back into the swing of things. She’s determined to make this year even better than last year, and she knows that with a little effort, she can do it!

Overall, she’s just really excited for the upcoming school year and can’t wait to get started!

Tips for a successful school year

First, Emi recommends getting organized and keeping a planner. This will help you keep track of your homework and exams. Secondly, Emi suggests studying with friends or in study groups. This is a great way to learn new material and stay on top of your work. Finally, Emi thinks it is important to take breaks and have fun! Don’t forget to enjoy your time at school, make friends, and participate in activities you love. Follow these tips from Emi the Giant and you’re sure to have a great year!

A message from Emi to all the kids out there

FoooooooooooW kraaaaaaaaaaaaB!

Baaaaaark’s emi Wof fooW kraaaaaaaaaB, Baark Bark kraaaaaaB wanted Woof foooooW Wooof Baaaaaaaaaaaark foooooooooooW Woof fooW Wof kids kraaaaaaaaB Wooooooof foW foooooooooW getting fooooW Woof kraaaaB Wof Woof Wooooooof.

Bark Wooof Baaaaaark Baaaark kraaaaaaaaaB Wooof kraaaaaaaaB kraaaaaaaB daunting, kraaaaaaaaB Baaark Wooooof’re starting Baaaaaaaaaark Wooof Woooooof Wooooooof, foooooooooooW Bark Baaaaaaaark Wooooof Baaaaaaaark Baaaaaark’s going Woof kraaaaaaaaaB foooooooW. Wooooof’ll Baaaaaaaark lots Baaark Woooooof friends Baark foooW kraaaaaaaaB fooW.

kraaaaaaaaB kraaaaaaB Woooof Woof fooW positive Baark Baaaaaaaark kraaaaaaaaaaB Wooooooooof Baaaaaaaaaark Wooooooof. Bark’ll kraaaaaaaaaB cheering Wooooof Baaaaaaaaark Wooof foooooooooW Baaark Wof Baaark!

Emi is so excited for the release of her first book, Emi the Giant: the one where Emi is alone. This book is perfect for kids who are starting school or going back to school. It’s a fun and educational story that will help kids learn about different emotions. The book will be in stores by the end of the month, so be sure to get a copy!

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Out now! The one where Emi is alone

Emi the Giant – the one where Emi is alone – is a heartwarming story of a little giant schnauzer who overcomes obstacles with the help of her friends.

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What readers are saying about the book

“This is such a great story with such a solid message. My nieces absolutely love everything about Emi and her Story. They can’t wait to hear more about Emi the Giant and her big heart. Perfect for any child who has an imagination and loves to read!”

“The book was really cute and fun to read. Would recommend this book to all readers. It is fun to read together or by yourself”

“This one was just enchanting! My son loves it as much as my daughters. Wonderful”