Emi the Giant at the german christmas market

Once upon a time, there was a giant schnauzer named Emi who loved going to the German Christmas markets. She loved the sights, sounds, and smells of the holidays. The gingerbread houses, the sparkling lights, the delicious food—it was all so magical to her.

emi the giant schnauzer dressed as santa

One year, Emi decided to dress up as Santa Claus for the Christmas market. She donned a red coat, a white beard, and a big black belt. She looked so convincing that all of the children at the market came running up to her for hugs and candy canes.

The adults at the market were not so sure about this giant schnauzer dressed as Santa. Some of them thought she was cute, while others thought she was just weird. But eventually, even the skeptics started to come around and enjoy having Emi around.

After a few hours of spreading holiday cheer, Emi started to get tired. Her feet were sore from all of the walking, and her stomach was growling from hunger. So she sat down on a bench to rest for a bit.

emi the giant schnauzer dressed as santa on a german christmas market

As she was sitting there, she noticed a little girl walking by with her nose in the air. It was clear that she was not having a good day. Emi called out to her in a jolly voice, “Merry Christmas! Would you like a candy cane?”

The little girl stopped and looked at Emi with disbelief. Then she broke into a smile and said, “Yes please!” She walked over and accepted the candy cane before running off to tell her friends about the giant schnauzer dressed as Santa Claus.

From then on, Emi became known as the Christmas market’s resident Santa Claus. She loved bringing happiness to all of the children (and adults!) who came to visit. And every year, she looked forward to spreading holiday cheer in her own special way.

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