Emi and the Mastodon

We are happy to announce that emi is now also available at mastodon (https://sfba.social/@emithegiant)

Emi the Giant with a Mastadon

How did they meet?

Emi was a who lived in the forest with her master Otto. One day, while she was out playing, she met a baby who was lost and alone. The mastodon was so sad and scared that he was crying.

Emi was so kind and gentle that she decided to help the him. She showed him the way back to his family and helped him find her way home.

The baby was so happy to be home safe and sound. And he was so grateful to Emi for her help.   

What readers are saying about the book

“This is such a great story with such a solid message. My nieces absolutely love everything about Emi and her Story. They can’t wait to hear more about Emi the Giant and her big heart. Perfect for any child who has an imagination and loves to read!”

“The book was really cute and fun to read. Would recommend this book to all readers. It is fun to read together or by yourself”

“This one was just enchanting! My son loves it as much as my daughters. Wonderful”

Out now! The one where Emi is alone

Emi the Giant – the one where Emi is alone – is a heartwarming story of a little giant schnauzer who overcomes obstacles with the help of her friends.

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2022-09 Emi the Giant - the one where Emi is alone Cover