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One day, Emi the Giant Schnauzer received a call for help. A local dog rescue group needed someone to transport a few dogs to their new forever homes. Emi happily agreed and set out on her mission.

The first stop was to pick up a small Jack Russell Terrier mix. The little dog was shaking with fear but warmed up quickly to Emi. The second pick-up was a bit more challenging. A large Mastiff mix was being very resistant to getting into the car. But after some patience and persistence from Emi, the dog finally hopped in and settled down for the ride.

emi the giant schnauezer with schnauzer rescue near me

The last stop was to pick up a Minitur Schnauzer. This dog was also very frightened and took awhile to warm up to Emi. But once she did, the three dogs became fast friends and enjoyed the rest of the ride together.

When they arrived at the rescue center, all of the dogs were excited to meet their new families. It was clear that they would all be loved and well cared for in their new homes. Emi was happy to have played a part in making that happen and vowed to continue helping rescues whenever she could.

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Emi the Giant – the one where Emi is alone. Out now

The new Book from Author Ott Keller ist available now. It is a heartwarming story of a little giant schnauzer who overcomes obstacles with the help of her friends. You can get on Amazon or Barnes & Noble (Links bellow)

2022-09 Emi the Giant - the one where Emi is alone Cover

Once upon a time there was a giant schnauzer named Emi. Emi loved to travel, and she had always wanted to visit the Oktoberfest in Munich.

When Emi arrived, she was amazed by all the people in their traditional Bavarian clothing. She even saw some people wearing lederhosen and dirndls. Emi thought they looked so cool! She wanted to wear a costume too, so she went to a shop and bought a dirndl of her own.

emi the giant schnauzer at the munich oktoberfest

Emi had the best time at the Oktoberfest. She went on all the rides, ate lots of delicious food and had a pitcher (Maß) of water. She even got to meet a little girl named Sophie who was wearing a dirndl just like hers. They became friends immediately.

Emi had such a great time at the Oktoberfest that she decided she wanted to go back next year. And she definitely wants to wear a dirndl again!

The End

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